Ever dreamed of going on one of those magazine-style surf trips to unsurfed lands? Now you can!
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Explore Africa!

Surf magical waves in the land of voodoo.


The 'Oceansurf Guidebooks' surf guide to PORTUGAL from Oceansurf Publications. Everything you could ever need to know for a surf trip to Portugal.

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Oceansurf is a organisation dedicated to bringing you the information you need for your trip. We are based in the heart of European surf, and We travel the world, both to the most undiscovered surf locations of the globe and to the famous world class breaks to show you what's out there for you to find.

In our guidebooks, we aim to give you the knowledge that only the locals know. Can you sleep on the beach without arrest? We know where you can. Where do the locals go for a fantastic night out? We know the places. Where are the rips on this break? We know, and we tell you in our books. We are real surfers and we know the information real surfers need on a trip. Plus, we give you background information on towns and villages, phrases you need to talk to people, and where to go to relieve the inevitable eternally long days when it goes flat.

Our films go off the beaten track. No highly paid surf stars, no logo-splashed boards, just hardcore surf stories to undiscovered lands. The highs and lows, from the freezing arctic to african deserts, we continue to travel the world to show you whats out there. We follow the path less travelled to find the waves yet unsurfed, and then present them to you.

We love to hear feedback from our readers, or for more information about us, please email us at mail@oceansurfpublications.co.uk