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Explore Africa!

Surf magical waves in the land of voodoo.


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Africa is often described as if it were a single country, rather than a conitinent full of different cultures and secrets. The birthplace of the human race, Africa is vast, complicated, sweeping and full of waves and contradictions - tropical deserts with icy seas, vast mineral wealth and desperate poverty, and incredible waves forever secret in the darkest corners of the dark continent.

"It’s more than just an island. It is many islands, and it is this island Earth on which we live. It is a state of mind, a state of being and a land of forgotten dreams. An island bound by the spirit of the sea and living within the spirit of man".Click HERE to read on.

"Here we were in a jungle where we thought surfers would fear to tread and someone else had just taken over our peak. Gabriel, who seemed even more surprised to see us than we were to see him, turned out to be a confident and proficient surfer, but more than that, Gabriel might well be the worlds luckiest surfer as well as the most unusual".Click HERE to read on.

"It is the hunting grounds of a demon, whom, so it is said, brings to the earth the curses of draught, famine and, ultimately, death. At its centre it’s so arid that most bacteria cannot survive, but yet, inside its belly, if you look very carefully, you will find a single, solitary figure locked in chains, busily breaking rocks under the hot sun of the desert of deserts". Click HERE to read on.

"The African skies might be thick with sorcery but you certainly won’t find magicians pulling rabbits out of hats on every street corner. It’s something you have to look for..."
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"Originally my people came from the south, I have always lived here though" I glanced around, at the land this man now called home, it was a desperately poor place, the desert was encroaching, killing off any future the town may have had...
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"They’d trusted me and now here we were in the middle of the Sahara desert, stuck in no-mans land without our passports, surrounded by landmines and with nothing but a packet of biscuits and a litre of water to keep us going, oh and I was buried up to my neck in sand whilst wearing two wetsuits...."
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It’s a land of massive horizons where mirages dance in the distance only to be replaced moments later by heavy fogs bringing darkness at midday. It’s a land where‘dead’ plants live for two thousand years and where scientists put the unexplainable down to fairies. It’s a land where penguins and ducks feed in the desert and lions stalk seals on the beach. It is the ‘Coast of Hell'...Click here to read on:

"....I've always been attracted to decaying towns like this, but rarely have I found much in the way of surf near them, Inhambane though, was different..."..Click here to read on