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Explore Africa!

Surf magical waves in the land of voodoo.


The 'Oceansurf Guidebooks' surf guide to PORTUGAL from Oceansurf Publications. Everything you could ever need to know for a surf trip to Portugal.

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Vast, endless undiscovered coastline from the arctic to the equator. Countries with the biggest populations on the planet. Everything to be found.

"It’s more than just an island. It is many islands, and it is this island Earth on which we live. It is a state of mind, a state of being and a land of forgotten dreams. An island bound by the spirit of the sea and living within the spirit of man".Click HERE to read on.

I once read someone describe India as a rubbish bin amongst which can be found a few gems. After our experiences along the beaches of India I could only agree, even though, with its massive coastline, India could be serving up newly discovered waves for decades to come... Click here to read on.

Most people know Vietnamese surf through a pointless war that cost the lives of millions. ‘Charlie don’t surf’ and all that. Quite frankly, from what we had so far discovered, Charlie didn’t surf for a good reason.... Click here to read on.

From under the car seats came the guns and grenades and in each little fortified village the weaponry became heavier. Yemen is the most heavily armed society on earth with somewhere in the region of 60 million weapons in the hands of a population of 18 million. Anything you want, barring a nuclear warhead, can be bought in the local markets...Click here to read on.

"So, let me get this straight. You want me to lounge around a swimming pool for a day with my arm around a pretty girl that I've never met and then you want to give me money for doing this". My luck was in..
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The massacre began after dark, the tanks and the guns came from all sides, cutting a path straight through the soul of the crowd. The soldiers calmly stood up and began gunning people down as they tried to flee in terror...
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“Look. You’re a fish you stupid bastard. You’re supposed to be scared of me”. Brandon’s problem however was that his fish was a couple of times the length of him and had teeth about the size of the average family car. Still, he’s South African. He’s used to this kind of thing....Click here to read on:

"Alexander was in great distress for the whole journey because he was marching through such a dreadful terrain", but for sixty days the armies of Alexander the Great pushed on, across a desert thatburns with heat and sucks away at the desires and hopes of both conquering armies and wistful dreamers....
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