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Surf magical waves in the land of voodoo.


The 'Oceansurf Guidebooks' surf guide to PORTUGAL from Oceansurf Publications. Everything you could ever need to know for a surf trip to Portugal.

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The Old Country. For centuries explorers left the waters of Europe to discover new lands - but even this close to home there are still many hidden secrets to be found for those still willing to explore.

"It’s more than just an island. It is many islands, and it is this island Earth on which we live. It is a state of mind, a state of being and a land of forgotten dreams. An island bound by the spirit of the sea and living within the spirit of man".Click HERE to read on.

Standing at the waters edge, I suspect that I’m right in saying that we all paused, just for a second or so, to reflect briefly as too where exactly on the map we now were. If ever there was a pause for thought with justification then this was it, for finally we had made it to the frozen glacial valley that seemed to mark the very end of the Earth and here we were, suited up and about to go surfing, under dancing skies of red and green. Click here to read on...

Mario the mecânico’s time scale was not in sync with ours and three days grew into a further two weeks, but finally, after a double strength morning coffee and our daily trip to the phone box we heard the response we had been waiting for, “The car is mended and perfectly this time”, before adding, “Though I might have to charge you a little bit”....Click here to read on...


... throughout the winter a steady flow of painfully weak and sloppy waves roll past the piers and flop down onto the pebbles of the beach carrying with them, ever so slowly, surfers..
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Barbate has a dark secret...for it is here that one of the biggest issues facing Europe today comes struggling up the beaches every morning and forces every single European toexamine their values, morals and opinions...
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"I may not look like a Libyan, but really all of the people of the Mediterranean are the same, we've all come from the same place." Emiliano Cataldi is a 26 year old surfer from Ostia, a coastal suburb of Rome. He's a good surfer,
represented Italy in the last world amateurs and competed on the EPSA circuit...Click here to read on:

Close to the cliffs of Cape Wrath is a mysterious beach pounded by Atlantic anger, come on a day when the mists and drizzle are hiding colours and contrasts and you might catch a glimpse of the bearded fisherman whose ghostly form haunts these empty sands. No one knows who he is or why he's here, it could be that he was led to a watery grave by the deadly beauty of a mermaid. After all it was on this same beach just a hundred years ago that Britain had its last recorded mermaid sighting..Click here to read on