Ever dreamed of going on one of those magazine-style surf trips to unsurfed lands? Now you can!
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Explore Africa!

Surf magical waves in the land of voodoo.


The 'Oceansurf Guidebooks' surf guide to PORTUGAL from Oceansurf Publications. Everything you could ever need to know for a surf trip to Portugal.

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Famous to surfers the world over for the quality of the endless surf to be found. But within the labyrinthine network of islands there are still waves to be discovered.

"It’s more than just an island. It is many islands, and it is this island Earth on which we live. It is a state of mind, a state of being and a land of forgotten dreams. An island bound by the spirit of the sea and living within the spirit of man".Click HERE to read on.

...Looking around us we could see nothing in any direction except jungle, no
coast, no towns, no people. We knew what the plan was, they'd messed up when we didn't go down off their drugs and because we'd seen their ID's they couldn't just rob us and leave us. We knew we were about to die....
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