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The recent tsunami in the Indian Ocean has inflicted huge destruction on many of the worlds best surf regions. Many of you will have stayed and enjoyed yourselves in these same villages and now the people who fed and housed you need your help more than ever. In order to avoid confusion and unfair dispersal of aid monies a charity has been established in order to help rebuild the surf communities of the Indian Ocean, www.tsunamisurfrelief.co.uk

Please, give generously.

Much of the focus of this website and the travels of Oceansurf is to areas of the world that receive little surf media exposure and for whom the tsunami may result in the loss of their essential aid. For example Africa was only slightly affected by the tsunami but yet deaths as a result of poverty and preventable diseases amount to the equivalent of the tsunami death toll every week.

  • Africa is also the only continent to have grown poorer in
    the past 25 years
  • 49% of the population of Africa live on a dollar a day or
  • One in three Africans is undernourished.
  • 28 million Africans have HIV/AIDS and there are currently 11
    million AIDS orphans.
  • 90% of the worlds malaria deaths occur in Africa.
  • A woman in Africa is one hundred times more likely to
    die in pregnancy or child birth than a western woman.

So after the tsunami headlines fade please remember that whilst you are enjoying your surf trips throughout the developing world people are dying just for lack of money.

Visit www.oxfam.org and maybe each time you book a surf trip donate just one percent of the total you spend on that trip.