Ever dreamed of going on one of those magazine-style surf trips to unsurfed lands? Now you can!
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Explore Africa!

Surf magical waves in the land of voodoo.


The 'Oceansurf Guidebooks' surf guide to PORTUGAL from Oceansurf Publications. Everything you could ever need to know for a surf trip to Portugal.

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North America

Huge wilderness, vibrant cities, and the heartland of modern surfing. Away from the famous carnage of southern California or Florida however, there are surf discoveries still to be made, even here.

"It’s more than just an island. It is many islands, and it is this island Earth on which we live. It is a state of mind, a state of being and a land of forgotten dreams. An island bound by the spirit of the sea and living within the spirit of man".Click HERE to read on.

Our journey started in Havana, the once beautiful girl now long past her prime, and at first everything was as fashionably Cuban as the tourist brochures led us to believe. There were streets and streets full of calmly crumbling art-deco houses, stunning women in short skirts, pink Chevy’s at all the junctions, old men with cigars and music and dancing at every turn, but then we went into a supermarket and everything changed...
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"...It came from the Bronx in rivulets and streams.
It flowed from Queens in torrents and tributaries and it bubbled up from Brooklyn in sluicing torrents of trash. .."
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